Interior Design


Follows is the final design for the Puppy Palace. A new franchise for 2022. It is the premier puppy sales company in the US. Special design has been done and can be seen by contacting our company.All designs are trade marked and copy written. Contact Charlie Heath @ 678-200-9951 

Here you see added mechanicals to the plan. Mechanicals include HVAC,power and technical remark. The next plan is underway so look for more editions to this section of our site

Here you see how we apply the needed components into the submitted space. Note the difference between the proceeding page. Here we are working with a narrow space so the components have to be reduced in size yet keeping the look the franchisor needs. There are more options we could do but this one was the design the owner liked. In the next drawing you will see the next required design.

A larger plan we developed showing the needed components for the franchise. In the following pages you will see how we design the submitted space to make best use of the required items.

This page was received from the client. It gave us a basic floor plan showing the space the franchise owner was looking at to lease.

As you will see in the leasing review showing the customer how to lease a space with out getting screwed in the process. Our work on interior design

starts not. We try to put the needed components in the space always taking into account the cost of fitting out the location.

This space